Wedding Floral Inspirations

wedding floral inspirationHey loves! Wedding florals play a major factor in your wedding! Similar to what they do in your home, florals will add character and bring life to a blank canvas!  Since our return from Portugal, Tiago & I have been very excited to start brainstorming ideas.  The one thing that I love the most is that we’re both on the same page in terms of ideas.  We want to have a simple wedding, nothing too extravagant.  When we met with the florist before we left Portugal we gave her a couple ideas of what we were looking for.  Pinterest has been a MAJOR help in bringing our ideas to life, but there are so many great ideas you almost get confused.  Wedding florals can be pricey so making sure you stick to your budget planned will help! Also keep in mind that certain florals are not always easy to get depending on the season {i.e. peonies are seasonal from May-June}.

wedding floral inspiration

We know we want the majority of the flowers to be baby’s breath and greenery, like eucalyptus, keeping it classy and simple. I do want to add a pop of colour somewhere whether that’s my bouquet or elsewhere.  I’ve read the colour trend for 2018 is deep merlot colours, whether I want to go that route or bold bright and fun I still have no idea.

wedding floral inspiration wedding floral inspiration wedding floral inspiration wedding floral inspiration wedding floral inspiration*All photos are from Pinterest


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