Happier with Avion

Happier with Avion I have been collecting RBC Rewards through my RBC Avion card for what feels like forever. When I was younger, I held on to the points in case I needed to take an emergency flight home to Portugal. Because RBC Reward points don’t have any flight restrictions or blackout periods, I always felt safe knowing that I could travel whenever I needed to.

Now that I’m older and I can afford emergency flights, this year I used some of my points to buy a ticket to Lisbon for Christmas & New Years! It was very exciting to see what it was like to use my points for some fun travel – especially at a peak travel time like the holidays. Booking my trip was a breeze and with an RBC Visa Infinite Avion card you have the flexibility to redeem your points on over 130 airlines – so there’s no need to settle for unnecessary stopovers. I was thrilled with how smooth the transaction was.

With the remaining balance and the points on Tiago’s RBC Visa Infinite Avion card we’ve decided we are going to plan our honeymoon on points. We still have no idea where we’re going, but we both know we want to country hop probably through Europe or Asia, and maybe book one flight in first class!

You can follow along on my Instagram to see how exciting my trip back to Portugal was thanks to my RBC Avion card! #HappierWithAvion

Happier with Avion

Happier with Avion


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