Fur Baby

Babes! I’m backkk! It feels so good to be back in action.  For those who don’t follow along on Instagram, I have been MIA for so many reasons.  It started off with moving into our new home, which we are no where near being completed because shortly after I dislocated my shoulder.  We continued to unpack boxes and tried to make the house feel a little bit more home-y, until we both ended up with food poisoning. One thing led to another, and I ended up with a bad cold/sinus infection.  I guess the saying “when it rains…it pours” is really right!   While I was off, I decided to revamp the blogs look.  I am so proud of myself because I managed to do it all on my own.  I am so use to paying someone to help me do it! But voila I managed on my own and I am so proud! I have so much planned now that I am in the new home.  I am just about completed my little office nook, and when I have finished I will be continuing my YouTube channel that I put on a halt because of the tiny little space we were living in the past year!

Coat – H&M Balmain // Clutch c/o Coach // Shoes – Zara with added pom pom from Aldo Accessories // Bodysuit – Zara 


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