Breakfast Television: 5 Fall Trends

Hey Babes! Last Monday I returned to Breakfast Television Toronto talking about 5 Fall Trends you can wear now! These trends featured Luxe Sportswear, Robe Coat, Pastels, Print Mixing and Modern Day 60s! I was so happy to get down and creative on all of these looks. Here’s a recap of what I talked about. In case you missed the segment, you can watch here! ~Love C XO

Breakfast Television
Look #1: Luxe Sportswear – Look is H2T from Marshalls
Over the past couple of seasons we’ve seen the evolution of sportswear. Normally we think of sweats, a loose tshirt and runners, but this season we’re seeing sportswear become very versatile in our wardrobe.  The entire look is from Marshalls and is incredibly comfortable, especially the PJ styled pants that you can wear out to the bar or to dinner! The varsity styled jacket is also very sporty, however the metallic material adds a little slice of luxury.

Breakfast Television

Look #2: The Robe Coat – Look is H2T from Le Chateau
Think Hugh Hefner meets high fashion! As seen in the first look, the electric blue color is really hot this season, and the black and blue can be seen everywhere. In the past we’ve seen boxier styled jackets, but this year the synched at the waist coats are very popular. You can wear this jacket for any occasion, which is great, and what is even better is it is straight out of movie. Le Chateau designed the entire wardrobe for the upcoming movie, ‘After the Ball’ which features Chris Noth & Lauren Holly.

Breakfast Television

Look #3: Pastels – Look is H2T from LOFT
Most people think that wearing white after Labor Day is a huge fashion crisis but this year white skinnies and even pastels are sticking around for the fall season. I love this look because of the layers, which makes transitioning from those cool mornings and warmer afternoons incredibly easy.

Breakfast Television

Look #4: Print Matching – Look is H2T from Winners
Believe it or not, print on print matching is a huge trend for this season. The key is in the size of the prints, and making sure they are not exactly the same. This entire look can be found at Winners, and what is really great is that the cape is only $20! It is so amazing that all of these high fashion pieces can be found at such affordable prices. Be sure to check a Winners near you on September 4 at 8am, that has the Runway Collection, to check out all their new designer pieces for Fall!

Breakfast Television

Look #5: Modern Day 60s – Look is H2T from Le Chateau
This look here is another one from the movie, After the Ball, that Le Chateau has designed. It is a play on the modern day 60’s with the mini skirts, baby style dresses and pastels. The booties are a great way to make this look appropriate for the day, especially if paired with a leather jacket.



  1. September 1, 2014 / 8:38 pm

    I love that pink mini dress from Le Chateau!

    • Christina
      September 1, 2014 / 8:44 pm

      Me too!! It’s so fab!

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