The Hearth Truth Fashion Show 2013

The Heart Truth Fashion Show is an educational campaign that helps raise awareness of heart disease & stroke, which is a leading cause of death for women in Canada. The red dress is the official symbol of the Heart Truth campaign, which stands for strong, confident, courageous and passionate. Each dress was created by leading Canadian fashion designers, such as Pink Tartan, Whitney Linen, David Dixon, MOMO, Stephan Caras, Farley Chatto and many more! Not only were the dress designers fabulous, but so were the models.  This year the Hearth Truth models were some of Canada’s most talked about and celebrated women such as, BT Toronto Live Eye Host Jenn Valentyne, SYTYCD Choregrapher Stacey Tookey, ETalk Reporter Traci Melchor, Actor Lauren Holly, Olympic Gold Medallist Jamie Sale, and of course the model health winners who ranged from age 70-90! I must say I think that Margaret (70s), Claire (80s) & Gladys (90s) strutted their stuff better than some of the younger ladies out there! I was deeply honoured to be invited to this exclusive event, yet very touched.  It made me realize that as a woman, I must start taking care of myself now at my ‘young’ age, in order to hopefully be as strong as Gladys! ~Love CTina XO


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