Miz by Izzy Camilleri Fall/Winter 2013

Toronto Fashion Week kicked off with the MIZ Collection by Izzy Camilleri.  This latest collection by Camilleri really made me want to be the most trendiest baby boomer ever! And that’s if I was only a baby boomer! MIZ showcased mostly black and white clothing, houndstooth patterns and basically made the 60’s mod something that every woman wants to dress like come this Fall/Winter.  Even their up-do, hairdos were so Cruella! The MIZ collection featured boxy shift dresses, plenty of capes, pencil skirts, which would make anyone look curve friendly, and of course the tux pant.  One of my favourite pieces from the collection had to be the capes, coming in all sizes from the ‘mini cape’ which featured shorter sleeves to the full length cape in a silver brocade fabric. Who could forget the silvery brocade fabric PJ outfit – I believe I could literally live in that daily! The number was so flattering, looked comfortable yet not sloppy and the fabric choice was to die for!

Izzy’s collection MIZ will launch in Fall 2013 and is mainly geared to those baby boomers who want to dress sexy, comfortable and stylish.  ~Love CTina XO

*All photos from Opique / Top of the Runway


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