Redken & Maybelline Interviews

I was fortunate enough to interview Jorge Joao, lead stylist for Redken, and Grace Lee, lead make up artist for Maybelline, at Toronto Fashion Week. I asked them all beauty and style questions for Spring/Summer 2013 along with tips!

Redken with Jorge Joao:

TSM: What are the hottest hair trends for S/S’13?

JJ: People are looking at easy hair, they don’t want to spend 2 hours behind the mirror. They are working with their natural textures and colours, like the ombre look, they don’t want to always be going to the hairdresser touching up their roots. As for textures, if you have wavy hair – embrace it, if you have curls – embrace it, if you have straight hair work with the straight look, and you’d be surprised what you can achieve with the right product.  So we’re talking about: Less is more!

TSM: An up-do hairstyle – is it more evening or more everyday?

JJ: It is something that can cross into both worlds. By keeping sheen and texture creates diversity, which you can then wear it during the day and at night.

TSM: I noticed you were using the can to help place the hair in the right place to hold it. Is that a secret trick for styling?

JJ: I do that all the time! If I’m spraying and want to get some extra height I’ll use the can and a blow dryer, and if I’m trying to clean fly aways I’ll spray Redken’s Shine Flash on a make up brush and use the make up brush to settle the fly aways.

TSM:  What is the best way to get volume without ruining your hair?

JJ: Get a good root boost and blow dry forward, so that when you lift your head you’ll get that natural volume without destroying your hair.

Maybelline with Grace Lee:

TSM: What are the hottest colours for the lips for S/S’13. I noticed on Joe Fresh it was a bold red/orange, on UNTTLD it was a dark hue and on Mendonca it was more of a pinky tone.

GL: In general it’s a bold lip!  strong red, deep red, tangerine red, coral red, and then keep it softer on the eyes. It’s all about keeping it simple

TSM: Are false eyelashes hot or not?

GL: It’s one or the other. There were a couple of shows we actually used no mascara.  It’s like subtracting an element makes the other one stronger – kind of like your 5 senses. When you need more drama you’re going to get it!

TSM: As for eye shadows, any specific colour?

GL: Easter egg colour on the eyes, light purples, blues, yellows are going to be the trend.

TSM: When do those fabulous Maybelline lip colours come out?

GL:  In January! They are amazing! There are 20 new shades coming out, the whispers and the vivids.  In the vivids collection, Vibrant Manderin was used in Joe Fresh.

TSM: Do you mix your lipsticks often?

GL:  I do because I’m a makeup artist, and it all depends on the skin undertones.

TSM: What is a good concelear? I’ve tried so many and I feel none work that well.

GL: OMG! AGE REWIND CONCEALER, which is out right now! They come in 5 colours. There is a brightener which is sheer and sticks to the skin, and with the sponge tip applicator really helps brighten it and stay all day!

TSM: What is the newest mascara for S/S’13?

GL: The rocket! It is fabulous and amazing and also comes out in January.


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  1. mary
    October 31, 2012 / 8:48 am

    Great interviews – I learned a lot!!!!
    Thx for sharing them.

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