Versace for H&M

Saturday was one of the biggest events to ever hit H&M! Why? Because Versace has finally arrived!  Yes, I was one of those people who camped out for Versace, and it was well worth the 19+ hour wait!  At 1:45pm Friday afternoon, I was the first to start lining up at H&M in Yorkdale mall! At first it was a bit awkward, standing there lining up alone, but within a couple of hours others started joining me on the long night! Finally at 7:15am the first 20 people lined up in front of H&M, and at 7:45am we were in! Shopping began!

Now for those who don’t know the rules for this spectacular event it went a bit like this:
1. The first 280 people in line would receive a wristband marked with a specific time, after all 280 people shopped the collection would be open to the public
2. You had only 15 minutes to shop the woman’s collection
3. You only were allowed to get 2 of each style

As the 1st person in line, I was in the 1st group to shop! Let me tell you it was MADNESS! People were grabbing whatever they could get, and hope it would be the right size!  Thankfully the staff at Yorkdale all knew I waited so long that they were helping me make sure I got want I wanted!

The staff at Yorkdale H&M were amazing! I wanted to give them a big shout out for all their hard work! It would have not have been the same without them! Stay tuned a few Versace pieces I purchased will make appearances soon!


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