Holiday Wish List

The holidays are quickly approaching, I’ve already started my wish list, and began brainstorming gifts for the ones closest to me! So far this wish list of mine is all over the place, from a monogram gold necklace, to sparkly purple pumps, to a few classic pieces for winter. I’ve made note on some of the most stylish and affordable gifts for this holiday season!

1. Max & Chloe  West Avenue Jewelry Classic Monogram Necklace
2. Alexander Wang  Rocco Bag
3. Aldo Trejos Purple Sparkle Pump
4. ASOS Houndstooth Sequin Skirt
5. Danier Leather Rabbit Fur Toque
6. Tiffany & Co. Snowman Ornament in Crystal
7. Coach Poppy Liquid Glass Small Wristlet
8. Vogue Coffee Table Book (or any fashion coffee table book)


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