Joe Fresh – LG Fashion Week S/S 2012

Joe Mimran, designer of Joe Fresh, closed the night on Wednesday with a sold out show!! Pretty sure a few hundred people were unable to get in, however I was lucky enough to – even if it meant sitting on the stairs! Similar to his wife, Kimberly Newport-Mimran, designer of Pink Tartan, Joe Fresh’s 2012 collection was very 1960s inspired.  Felt almost as if you were in the Hamptons or going to the country club for brunch. With neoprene, lambskin butter leathers, bright colors, and crochet tops and dresses helped deliver a 60s vibe for 2012.

Sometimes I wish that I’d see something out of this world with Joe Fresh, but usually consists of flirty skirts and dresses.  I did love the crochet detailing on the tops and dresses, the neoprene jackets  and the cropped skinny. Nothing out of this world other than the yellow neoprene jacket. That would be a A+ in my purchase department! I wish something else WOWed me like last season with the gold pants and skirt,  but other than that glad to see the bright florescent colors are here to stay another season.

*photos by Toronto Life


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