face Talk: Make-up Organizers

What girl doesn’t love to get all dolled up every day? I sure do!  It’s like ‘putting on my new face’.  I have decided to organize my make up drawers, and found some great ideas on how to keep it clutter free, clean, and visible all at the same time! Clear acrylic trays with dividers are perfect, just look at these photos from ‘Into The Gloss’ which I came across while browsing the net!
It is time to empty out all the make up bags, get on my hands and knees, go through my cabinets and pull out all of the unseen make up and bring it back to life! Time starts…well not today, but perhaps tomorrow! I’ll let you guys know how it goes!


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  1. August 27, 2011 / 3:19 pm

    I really need to do some organizing myself so this has definitely given me some good ideas! 🙂 I’m also in awe of your Nars collection!



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