Danier Leather’s Fall 2011 Collection

I am so happy to say I worked for Danier Leather for 6+ amazing years, always in love with their styles! Who can’t get enough of leather? I sure can’t! And I am also happy to say that I love their new Fall 2011 collection! You can visit their site to see more, click here

It all started 7 years ago when Karl Lagerfeld designed a collection for H&M, and now all over the world top designers are designing for other retailers! This season Greta Constatine, George Antonopoulous and Mark Fast have designed collections for Danier Leather, and let me tell you…they’re AMAZING! Don’t miss it, check it out at your local Danier Leather collection! If you don’t see the item you want in the store or in your size, don’t panic! Just place an order with the sales associate and you can have the item within 2 weeks!


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