My Favorite Things

Unpacking has really become a chore, I always ask myself why I pack so much to go away on holidays, it must be my fear of forgetting something! Oh wait…I did forget something – my camera charger, so for my entire trip I had to rely only on others and my iPhone 4! Thankfully it takes decent pictures!  I hope that I’m not the ONLY one who over packs, but some how I feel as though I am! Anyone else in my shoes?

I am slowly starting to unpack, sort laundry, and remember the good times I had while I was there.  I found a few favorites that I thought would be exciting to share!  When I was in Portugal, a good friend of mine, Raquel, gave me a cute tea light holder of Peniche, which has various famous attractions painted on. It is just so adorable and brings back memories of times I’ve had there!  I also recently purchased a McQueen skull scarf which turned out to be quite useful during some of the nippy nights I had.

Since I am such a procrastinator, I have resorted to sitting in my comfy slipper chair, eating Godiva chocolate out of a Tiffany box, while reading Kelly Cutrone’s  book If You Have to Cry, Go Outside What a great read! It has inspired me to break away from the negativity and embrace the positivity – in other words to follow my heart and my dreams!


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