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Sofia Bunin is an up and coming Canadian accessories designer, who founded The Lull earlier this year. I had the honor to ask Sofia a few questions about her beautiful collections, her style, and dig into her personal life – just a bit! 🙂


  • Tell us a bit about your collections.

‘Calmaria’ will be my first ‘official’ collection for The Lull and I am so excited!  I have always been a creator, but this time I was ready to put out a collection.  I think the difference between putting out your creations and putting out a collection is that a collection represents something.  A collection has a mood, a feeling, an inspiration behind it that ties it all together and that ultimately represents the artist or the brand.

The Lull is all about the tranquility and natural beauty of the beach and beach culture.  I’ve been very inspired by my travels to various beach destinations all over the world and the memories that were created there.  I wanted to create something that would represent my love, passion and respect for the beach.


  • When did you start?

I started creating the moment I picked up a pencil.  My grandfather would always encourage me to draw, my grandmother taught me to knit, my mother taught me to sew and my father taught me to make.  As I grew older, these skills grew with me.  And the more I tried to develop them, the more I was inspired to try.  I love the challenge of learning a new craft and I know this will stay with me forever.


  • What inspired you to become a designer?

My family inspired me to become a creator.  I think my father most of all because when it comes to trying my hand at different crafts, I took after him.  He’s an incredible artist and he is always trying a new craft.  To this day, he still comes home with amazing new materials for me to try to and make something with.  From leather to seashells to driftwood, he always has his eye out for interesting materials to make something new out of something old.


  • What have been your inspirations for your pieces?

This summer’s collection is called Calmaria.  All of the pieces in this collection were inspired by Portuguese beaches and the memories created there.  From the northern beaches of Costa Verde to the Southern waters of the Algarve, each beach has it’s own mood and it’s own distinct beauty and calmness.


  • Where can you purchase your collection?

Currently The Lull’s Calmaria Collection is available on Etsy.


  • Who is your personal style icon?

I love Erin Wasson.  I love that her style is simple, neutral and basic but always represents her own ‘beach bum’ style.  She’s not afraid to tell it like it is and I love that she doesn’t try too hard and is just naturally gorgeous.  (She also surfs, which makes her even more hot!)


  • What can buyers be looking forward to in the future, any secrets of designs to come?

A lot more beach-inspired accessories to come.  Right now I’m concentrating on clutches and bags, but I also have some jewelry on the go.  Lots of loomed seed beads and feathers and tribal printed jewelry!  Stay tuned!


  • 3 things that are a MUST to carry everyday?

1. Notebook/Pen (I always have my trusty Molskine to write down ideas/designs/reminders)
2. Nail File (Because my nails break all the time!!)
3. Mascara (Because I can’t live a day without it!)


  • If you could live anywhere in the world where and why?

Bali, Indonesia is magical.  I love everything about it.  The beaches are like none other I’ve ever seen, the surf culture is very prominent and the people are warm and sincere.  The most special thing about Bali to me is that people worship the beach; everyday, all the locals and visitors walk to the beach to watch the amazing sunsets.  It’s such an inspiring and beautiful idea to know that everyday these people worship the natural beauties of life.


  • Who is the best person you go shopping with?

My Boyfriend.  We both love to shop which makes it fun (and expensive!)


  • Your Favorite City?

Pretty cliché, I know, but I think New York City has got to be my number one city.  I just love everything about it, the shopping, the restaurants, the clubs and the art culture.  It’s just such a rich, vibrant city.


  • What is your favorite food dish?

Paella, hands down.


  • Any feel good style and beauty tips?

Always leave the house wearing at least one thing that makes you feel sexy.  Whether its your underwear you the way you do your hair that day, a woman should always feel sexy.


Be sure to check out The Lull!



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    July 6, 2011 / 4:27 pm

    So happy that Sofia has made a sale from this! If you like to purchase anything from The Lull please visit

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