Color 101 : Marigold

Like yellow, marigold is a happy, uplifting, bold color! However, unlike yellow, marigold is a much richer tone, making it not so all up in your face! According to Tibi designer, Amy Smilovic “Pairing it with white gives it an innocent vibe, while black makes it edgier.”

Marigold is a symbol of luck and fertility, and is traditional flower for Indian weddings.  You may think that this color is very hard to pair up with, but you’re WRONG! Marigold is goes great with garnet, blue, violet, olive, grey, and earth brown. Of course it goes well with black! What doesn’t?  Be sure to try this color out, I have a feeling it will be sticking around for the fall too!


Pump, Zara –  $59.90
Lace Tank, H&M – $14.95
OPI Nailpolish, ‘Need Sunglasses’ – $10.00
Large Tote, Michael Kors – $198.00
Clutch, Zara – $49.90
Jersey Skirt, American Apparel – $35.00


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